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  • Promo sale for Before the Legend and Roman Identity ended. They will be returning to their regular retail price starting today.
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  • NEW! The audiobook for Roman Identity is now available. Get it here!

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Reading Joseph Umeseaka’s book, How to Self-Publish Without Going Broke, was like discovering a secret map to a writer’s treasure trove. This book, as the title promises, invites the reader into the world of writing and self-publishing, revealing every imaginable detail to navigating this often uncharted process and empowering writers to embrace their professional autonomy and success. I recommend this book to my friends, my colleagues, my students, and strangers alike. It is a must-have guide for all writers!

Ellen Bitterman (teacher, author, editor)

Kindness and respect for all people and animals is a trait that should be a strength in not only a leader, but a human. As it is historical fiction, Roman Identity is also educational for Roman society. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Julia (Pagesforthoughts)

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