Hello. Thanks for stopping by the Writer’s Nook. I dedicated this page to tell readers a little about myself. For starters I am a regular guy (no surprises there) who likes to write and blog although I have many other pursuits. My name is Joseph although I also go by Joe as well. I hide behind my many aliases including my new pen name, J.U. Scribe. I’m also known as JonastheScribe (Wattpad) and Scriber08 (Fictionpress). I currently reside in the states where I’ve been born and raised by parents of Nigerian heritage who instilled in me a desire to excel in my studies all the way to college. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me hanging with friends, listening to music, doing Bible educational work, and Simming (playing Sims games). I have a creative side and enjoy drawing, painting, and graphic/multimedia design.

What most people may not know is that I’ve been writing since fourth grade, although at the time it was for a class project but the seeds were planted. I can officially say I started writing for fun since middle-school which is where the story series started. I started this blog to promote my story series and my debut novelette, “Before the Legend,”  which was published November 2013. However this blog has evolved to so much more as I have learned so much throughout this process that I want this blog to share with other aspiring writers. Expect updates on my works but also what I’ve learned as a writer and the resources available to us as novice writers.

Orgins of the series

Like with all ideas it started with pen and paper. I’m not sure when the idea hit me but I wanted to do a timed piece of a boy who lived in royalty. Fragments of this story in my mind bled its way eventually onto to the computer screen where I began crafting the story. I actually started with Roman Identity where Troy is about 14. I first started in third person. However I eventually found myself writing in 1st person as the story went on. Somehow I felt disconnected to the character when I wrote in third person. I realized I wanted to speak through the character and breathe him life so to speak.

After Roman Identity was completed I really wanted to continue Troy’s story by following it up with an interesting sequel. In the sequel, things become darker and more menacing as Troy finds himself being chased by a horsemen only to fall off his horse and fall into a coma. The original sequel  contained the final trilogy which culminates into the final climax.

I finished Domain of Power around sophmore year of high school. One day when I was carrying the floppy disk in my bag, the disk cracked. With both stories saved on it, I lost both stories much to my dissappointment. I was upset and left it alone for a couple of years. The story though was still real in my mind. Something led me back to writing (besides writing for school, which was more of a chore). In college, I returned to creating my story series. This time I began with the prologue to give the story a little bit more background for new readers. Eventually I began work on Roman Identity and Domain of Power.

Looking back on everything, it was a weird blessing in disguise. Although I had to start all over, it gave me a chance to rework the kinks of my story and really give it a fresh new perspective. Although the core story hasn’t changed, there has been significant changes in the plot in both Roman Identity and Domain of Power. Since being in high school, I felt my stories have taken on a greater depth of not only plot but also on character development. When I finally decided to show others my works on Fictionpress, I did not know how my works would be received or if others would even read them. Although readership was off to a slow start, I eventually regained confidence to finish writing the story. Most of the comments I received were very constructive even if it wasn’t always what I wanted to hear. Readers would point out things in my story that I didn’t really give much thought about at first but now is something I pay close attention to. The experience has really made me a better writer. Although I am by now means the best, I feel I have come a long way.

Connect with me

Author Central Page: amazon.com/author/juscribe

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7421729.J_U_Scribe

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    • You’re welcome. Thanks again for stopping by the Writer’s Nook. I appreciate the encouragement and will try to post something new in the next 2-3 weeks as I draw one step closer to publishing Before the Legend so stay tuned.

  1. Hi…I just bought a stable of domains and one of them is TheWritersNook.com . Would you be interested in purchasing it? Asking $360 (usd). I’m probably going to auction soon if I don’t get a response from the few people I’ve reached out too. Just thought this would suit you and your blog very nicely. You can contact me via the facebook page I entered below. Cheers.(you can also delete this post when you are finished with it) https://www.facebook.com/Domains-and-Websites-for-Sale-876908529094845/

    • I appreciate the kind offer and I agree it would be a nice fit for my blog but I honestly don’t have $360 at the moment to buy the domain. For now I would have to stick with WordPress which is hosting my blog.

    • Thank you so much for considering my blog! I’ve never been nominated for an award for my blog or writing for that matter. I wasn’t expecting one since my readership is small in comparison to others. That was very kind of you. I’ll be more than happy to accept the award.

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