Roman Identity

Book 2

Update: The story was due for a much needed edit, so after several weeks, I am happy to say edits have been finished. Although there weren’t too many major plot changes, the story has been revamped for a more seamless and descriptive read. All chapter links below reflect the revisions. Check it out now!


Roman Identity takes places about 10 years after the first book. Troy is about 14 1/2 in the beginning of the book.


He thought he moved on from the painful memories of the earthquake that rocked his island home 10 years earlier. Although everyone seems like they moved on from the event, on the approaching anniversay of his mother’s death, Troy is struggling to move beyond the tragedy. Now at 14, Troy is struggling to accept his future role as the Mediator. Being the youngest and the least closest to his father he tries desperately to excel in his studies and training to win the approval of his father. In an effort to assert their independence, the father has the boys sent off to stay at the family villa for a couple of days. Troy will discover not only his role but also the life lessons that comes with growing up, chronicling similiar anxieties young people must face.


In the story, several themes come up which weave their way not only in this story but also in the other series. One of those being the idea of conformity. Troy must conform to his father’s expectations for him. It is preparation for when he becomes a “man” at 16. Troy is still in the bloom of youth and like many in his age are beginning to fit into their roles in society. In this story, Troy begins to develop deeper feelings about himself and those around him.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: First Impressions

Chapter 2: Royal Dinner

Chapter 3: Lessons to Learn

Chapter 4: Role Play

Chapter 5: Where the Tracks Lay

Chapter 6: Touch of Reality

Chapter 7: Wedding Bliss & Melancholy

Chapter 8: Lost and Found


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