Domain of Power

Book 3


Domain of Power is the trilogy to the series. It takes place about a year after Roman Identity. The story takes place in late winter. Troy’s brother Barbarius is still deemed “missing” in the beginning but his appearance will later be explained.


On one fateful evening, Troy’s world is changed forever the day he meets the dark rider. He is not sure who is behind the cloak but he knows one thing… that the man wants nothing more but blood. In an effort to escape, Troy looses control of his horse and falls off, leaving him in a coma. On the verge of death, Troy recovers, only to his horror that he has lost the ability to walk and even worse… has lost his memories. All he has left is the dreams that keep him up at night. He must piece together his shattered life and find out the hidden truth that lies deep within the island. The only question is, is he ready for the truth?


The sequel is noticably more darker and intense than the previous two stories. It is in this story that Troy is really tested to the extreme as he struggles to gain not only his ability to walk but also his lost memories and a semblance of reality which becomes a major theme throughout the story. This story really delves deeper in the psychology of the characters and is where familiar themes of indiviual vs. community are explored further. Troy is not the only character that is tested, as the other characters continue to evolve and grow for better or worse!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Dark Rider

Chapter 2: Storm Clouds

Chapter 3: Awakening

Chapter 4: Premonition

Chapter 5: Broken Dreams

Chapter 6: Long Road Ahead

Chapter 7: First Steps

Chapter 8: Perfect Strangers

Chapter 9: Flash From the Past

Chapter 10: Egos Collide

Chapter 11: Burning of Innocence

Chapter 12: When Sparks Fly: Part 1 Part 2: Hide and Seek

Chapter 13: Revelations

Chapter 14: When Justice Cries

Chapter 15: Blacklist

Chapter 16: Foul Play

Chapter 17: The Beginning of the End

Chapter 18: Bitterest Truth

Chapter 19: Suspicious Minds

Chapter 20: Redemption

Chapter 21: When We had it All

Chapter 22: All Falls Down

Chapter 23: Breakdown

Chapter 24: Lockdown

Chapter 25: Two-Edged Heart

Chapter 26: Dare

Chapter 27: Breakout!

Chapter 28: Point of No Return

Chapter 29: Runaway


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