Chasing Blue

 Book 4

by J.U. Scribe

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This is the trilogy and the final installment to the series. Join Troy in this adventure packed saga which picks up about a month from the last book, Domain of Power. He’s escaped the island but he’s far from danger. He’s venturing to lands beyond Aegea filled with uncertainty and hidden perils. There’s new adventure! New lands! New characters! New drama! Troy will discover what it means to go from having everything to having nothing. Troy must forge a new path for himself in the life he’s chosen. But what if his past catches up to him? Well… let’s just say a climax of epic proportions is on its way!


A lot can change in a month. Troy went from being a respected prince to a runaway fugitive. He’s escaped his island home but he’s far from danger. He’s venturing to lands beyond Aegea filled with uncertainty and hidden perils on a quest to find redemption in Rome. Once he arrives though, Troy soon realizes things aren’t as rosy as he imagined. However, when he stumbles upon a stable of race horses, it looks like his ill-fate is about to be rewritten. But someone from his past is also looking for redemption. When their paths finally cross, Troy is faced with an ultimatum that could mean life or death to not only him but those he loves.

 2-Part Finale

Part 1: “Breaking Point”

Overview: A powerful quake brings the city to its knees. Amidst the devastation, the scales seemed to have tipped in favor of the Rebellion. Yet things couldn’t be more dangerous for Troy who finds himself at odds with both sides. His only goal left is to find the others before its too late. Read the excerpt below!


“We have to go!” Apollus shouted. The captor struggled to his feet only to find Apollus still clutching his weapon. But Apollus was not interested in meting out justice against his captor. He had one thought on his mind. Get out the tower!

Apollus ran to the doorway with the captor behind his heels. I reached out to touch the shaking walls as if I could steady them. I stumbled to the doorway, swaying with the rocking room. I looked over my shoulder to see if Caius was behind me, but he and Barbarius were still on the ground. Barbarius lay crumpled, struggling to get up. Each tremor knocked him back on the blood-stained floor.

“Get up!” I shouted. I watched Caius finally steady his leg as he towered over Barbarius. He gave him one last kick to his hip before limping out the room. He brushed past me as he made his escape down the winding stairs. By nature, I would have beat Apollus to the stairs by now but against all reason I stayed behind.

“Barbarius. Please get up,” I cried out. I yanked his arm, only for him to slump back down. He staggered upright, clutching his stomach. I wrapped my arms around his abdomen, trying to steady his taller frame.

I ignored his bloodied tunic as both of us scurried to the doorway with my arm propped around him.

“Leave me be, Troy. I am slowing you down. The tower is going to collapse any moment. If I die—“

“Shhh. Don’t talk like that. I am not leaving you!” I said fervently. “I can get you help,” I pleaded. Before we got to the doorway, he stumbled again, pulling me down with him. Debris and dust from the ceiling were raining down. I looked up in horror as the roof began cracking. Get up! I had no choice but to drag his body across the floor while the roof caved in. Once outside the corridor, I braced myself for the stairs. Barbarius attempted to stand, using me as his support.

“Oh gods help us now. We need you more than ever!” I muttered through my trembling lips.

I wanted this to be another dream. But I had no time to wait for this nightmare to end. I had to save Barbarius. That was my new mission. With him back on his feet we both scrambled down the steps. I clutched his hand, and he clutched mines.

“Whatever you do, don’t let go!” I warned. He managed to keep up with me although he staggered a few steps behind. Through the chaos, he kept trying to say something but the shouts from below and the rumbles drowned his faint voice. As we reached the 2nd level, he let go. I watched him plummet to the ground below. With the stairs crumbling beneath my sandals I was left with one choice. Jump.

Part 2: Last Stand is now out! Don’t miss the shocking ending! Read now.

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Meet the New Characters!

Clitus- he’s a young slave with a shattered past that finds himself owned by Philemon. He is described as having lighter features such as sandy brown hair and hazel eyes in contrast with the rest of the crew. His character is very introverted and is often characterized as being very quiet, withdrawn, aloof, and at times stubborn. He and Troy are both the youngest crewmembers being both 16. He resents his ill-treatment by his master and decides to break free from the yoke of slavery when he crosses path with Troy.

Theseus- is a high ranking sailor and shipbuilder originally from Crete. He’s been on numerous expeditions and is second in command to Philemon, which often sends him far away from his family. However unlike his superior he is described as being caring and reasonable. He’s one of the few people that takes Troy under his wings as he embarks on the expedition.

Hyros- He is a witty, smooth-talking hustler who comes from Crete. He is characterized as having wavy shaggy dark locks with a wide toothy grin. Already at the age of 25, he is a jack of all trades and is a seasoned explorer and shipbuilder who seeks the adventure and the thrills of life.

Marius- He’s a friend of Hyros and although he is slightly older than him has a childlike disposition at times. He is described as having a paunch belly and always having quite an appetite. He is easily tickled and sees the humor in the littlest things. His light-hearted nature is what makes him easy to get along with.

Jason- he is a young Greek merchant who helped fund the expedition. He is characterized as being refined, inquisitive, and condescending at times. His desire to curry favor with Theseus and Philemon puts him at odds with some of the other crewmembers.

Philemon- he is the captain of the expedition and the oldest crewmember on board. He’s had a wealth of expeditions under his belt but finds himself slowly relinquishing his responsibilities to Theseus. He is described as grumpy and stern and often takes his frustration out on his slave Clitus and the other crewmembers.

Julia- she is 14 year old girl from an affluent family living in the bustling city of Rome. She is the younger sister of Julian , who is a teammate and friend of Troy. She first crosses path with Troy when she is about to get robbed by a group of young thugs. She realizes that she and Troy have more things in common then they realized!

Julian- a young, driven, chariot racer of Rome from an affluent family. He is the oldest son, being about 17 yrs of age. Troy later becomes a fellow teammate of Julian and quickly befriends him. He is very protective of his friends and family particularly his sister Julia and at times can have a temper.


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