This is a master list of the main characters. Later I will compile more including the side characters that play a significant role.

  • Troy-main character and the protagonist of the story. He is the youngest son of the King of Aegea. Troy is described as having dark loose curly hair with dark brown eyes. He can be characterized as being precocious, sensitive, curious, introspective. He struggles to fit in because of his unique view of the world around him.


  • Apollus-  is the middle son of Acropolus the king, making him two years older than Troy. He is described as well-groomed and handsome with hazel eyes. Often though he allows his looks to get into his head. He is often vain, arrogant, and sarcastic and throughout the story his sincerity is often brought to question by his brothers.


  • Barbarius- is the oldest son with him being two years older than Apollus. He is described as the tallest and strongest of the brothers. He is characterized as being introverted, stoic, even though at times he can be aggressive when provoked.


  • Acropolus-is the sole king of the fictionalized island of Aeagea(n) and is the father to Troy and his brothers. His countenance is similiar to that of his eldest son for he also seen as stern and rigid.


  • Miletus-the father of Acropolus. He was the original ruler before he stepped down. He makes a brief appearance in the 1st story but is seen throughout the rest of the series except for Chasing Blue. He is known for being understanding, kind and wise. He is one of the few family members that Troy feels connected to.


  • Helen- she was the wife of Acropolus and is Troy’s mother. From Before the Legend the reader can infer she was a warm and devoted mother who can be stern when need be. She however is only seen in the 1st story which is the last time she is seen.


  • Romeos- he is the son of Diodecius. Being the son of a merchant ranks him lower in status than Troy, although he is still part of the upper class. Whereas Troy holds a mostly a serious demeanor, Romeos is very outgoing, open, and easy-going. He makes a debut in the Roman Identity when he first befriends Troy. It is his open, versatile personality, opposite personality that later endears Troy.


  • Julius-is the identical twin brother of Romeos. He is opposite of his brother and that he is more reserved and serious. Although he is initially cool towards Troy he later warms up to Troy in “Domain of Power,” and comes to trust him.


  • Priscilla- she is the younger daughter of Craetus.  She comes into the picture in Roman Identity when Troy pays extra attention to her at the wedding of Lydia her sister. She finds herself in an ugly love triangle between Troy and his brothers. Later she is arranged to marry Titus according to her parent’s wishes.


  • Gaius- he is a former trusted official of high rank and who looked after the treasury and funded overseas expedition. He is described as being persuasive but also sneaky. The only notable mention of his appearance is his striking gray eyes.  When he doesn’t get the appointment to be the 2nd highest in command, Gaius is slighted and “dissappears from the scene.” He is only briefly mentioned in Roman Identity but does play a significant role in the following series particularly the 2nd half of Domain of Power.


  • Maximus- is the eldest son of Gaius. He is similiar in build to Barbarius, with both being tall and muscular in build. He is somewhat laid-back with a hint of sarcasm. He tries to befriend Troy in Domain of Power which is when he first appears in the series.

Check out the page for Chasing Blue to meet the new characters!



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