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Before the Legend

Welcome to my new page unleashing all your retail info on my debut book, Before the Legend. You can also go directly to my author buy site on Amazon here. Any pricing changes and promos will be featured on this page.


  • Print book now at $5.99.
  • eBook is currently on sale for $.99 (Limited time only)
  •  For specific pricing and availability check out the retail info below. Click on the link to any participating retailer to purchase your copy today!

Retail Info

Print Availability

E-Book Availability (Only available on Amazon)

  • Amazon -Kindle version $2.99 (now $.99)

In addition to the following retailers I also have an e-store setup. I tested it logged in as myself but the system is smart so the coupons didn’t work. So I’m looking for eager testers to test some coupon codes at the link to my e-store site:

The following coupon codes are currently not applicable:

  • WHCSAV2U -50% off
  • EC8XU9J4- $2
  • 96NNLJF3

Note if you buy the print book you can automatically purchase the Kindle free! Only on Amazon!

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