Before the Legend

Before the Legend

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…This story was wonderfully written. This is seriously my first favorite book this year of 2014. The grammar was perfect and the style really brought me to the times. Not to mention I like stories about the Roman times!
The story begins with Troy’s nightmare. He dreams that his parents are being swallowed by the earth. Because of this nightmare, he turns to his Mom for comfort during the night. But his Father says that he needs to learn that nightmares aren’t necessarily true and turns him away.
He wonders if either his Mother or Father love him. But during this conflict of matters, a great incident comes (withheld in this review so you can pick up this book to find out!) and the consequences prove worse than they had imagined.
This book calls for more to it! Yes, the book has a satisfying ending, but it leaves you begging for more!..

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Before the Legend is the prologue that begins the story series revolving around the  main character Troy. It also the shortest in the series feeling more like a short story although technically the word count qualifies it as a novelette. Our story takes place on a fictionalized island called Aegea in the Aegean sea during the expansion of the Roman empire. Although the actual date isn’t explicitly stated, the story takes place sometime after AD. The story starts off when Troy is about 4 1/2 years old. He is the youngest son of the royal family that has ruled the island for two generations. Not much is known about the island especially amongst “outsiders,” as foreigners are referred to in the story.


It’s every child’s nightmare. In the next three days he’s about to relive it. Will he defy this dream?



The story begins with the nursery rhyme chanted by the young children regarding the legend that surrounds the mysterious island. That nursery rhyme sets an innocent yet eerie tone to the story. This is the only story in the series written entirely in third person perspective. However the focus is still on young Troy and how he sees and views his world around him. The story is writen in a child-like perspective giving it a breath of innocence. Here we begin to see Troy’s precoccious nature, where he begins to questions things around him including the seemingly abstract concept of love. This is where we also get a taste of the budding personalities of Barbarius and Apollus, which will shape them when they get older. The story though takes a more sobering turn in the third half, as Troy’s world crumbles around him. It is this tragic event that will put all the characters to the test including his father whose contrasted by being aloof and stern.

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Table of Contents

Day 1 : Before the Fall (Free sample of chapter one on Wattpad.)


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