Quotable Quotes

“Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none.”

That quote comes from Lois Lowry’s, Gathering Blue. It’s such a simple, yet powerful quote that I thought I’d discuss what that quotes mean to me but also quotes in general that I’ve found endearing or memorable.

Generally no one in their right mind wants to be in pain whether it’s physical or emotional. All of have experienced pain in some degree at one point or another. It’s become a part of the human experience due to imperfection. Yet for millions worldwide, pain is a chronic affliction. Although I don’t experience pain on a regular basis I know several that do including a loved one who has been battling multiple health problems in the past year with no cure let alone closure from the medical community as to what exactly is causing her endless list of symptoms. When I read Gathering Blue, the 2nd time around earlier this year, I had a greater appreciation for the story of Kira, the main character who was crippled from birth who has a remarkable talent that saves her life. Although my sister doesn’t walk with a limp like Kira, her health problems at times can be debilitating. Therefore the quote at the onset took on added meaning to not only myself but her as well.

My Interpretation

Trials can either make or break us. Her quote reminded me that hardships can make us stronger depending on our attitude. When I reflect on it, it really takes a strong person to put up with chronic pain, because I don’t know if I would fare any better if I were in her shoes! It takes true resilience to persevere despite being in a situation that is beyond your control.

It was one of the few quotes that I took away from the book, but it was a profound message that I hope other readers will get from it as well. Of course there are other quotable quotes from other fiction works that I liked. I know I’m being biased but here’s a collection of my favorite quotes from my story series.


“Do not forget to put it here where it never gets lost,” his mother said, pointing to his heart.”  – Before the Legend

“Remember, you are never alone in this world. Never.”  – Before the Legend

“I suppose we both got what we wanted. While some built great roads, we built great walls. – Chasing Blue

“I had to make more than an impression. I had to win.” – Chasing Blue

“It was not about being on this ‘side or that side.’ It was about what was right. That was the side I choose. Even if that put me somewhere in the middle.” – Chasing Blue

I might add these quotes and more on each of the respective pages for each story in the future. Now I got a chance to share some of my favorite quotes. What quotes made you laugh, left a profound thought, or made a memorable statement? I would love to hear your favorite quotes in the comments!



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