All Good Things Come to an End

It seems like all good things must come to an end. The month is almost over and with it marks the end to two main things. And I’m not just talking about summer.


Before the Legend eBook going exclusive on Amazon.

Starting this October 1st, I plan to officially sign my book to Amazon’s KDP Select program. It’s a partner program to Amazon that allows authors to publish through the site while enjoying perks such as higher royalty rates for $.99 priced books, greater control over promotional pricing, just to name a few. What does that mean for readers? That means for the next 90 days my eBook will only be available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle format. That means it won’t be available in other formats such as Mobi, ePub, etc. If you do wish to purchase the eBook in the following formats I strongly suggest you download the format of your choice from Smashwords or the Buy Now Page for the list of current retailers before the change goes into effect tomorrow.

Although I was originally against the idea of exclusivity, I was curious to try a new approach to self-publishing. I’m curious to see if publishing the eBook via Amazon will have an impact on sales or future exposure to my book. After the 90 days I can fully gauge at that point whether this is something I would want to continue or end.

The Series End

My story series which has gone on for what seems like forever has finally come to its end with the last two chapters of Chasing Blue. It was a bittersweet experience saying goodbye to the many characters that have graced the many pages. In the Two-Part Finale, which has just been released, the ending is probably the most intense, heart-rending portion I’ve ever had to write before. While it was not easy, it was one of my favorites parts to write. I had a rough idea how it wanted it to end but I had no idea how the characters would inadvertently write themselves, changing how the scenes play out. Even though I anticipated the finish line for a long time, when I finally got to the end I realized I didn’t want the story to just “end”with a pretty little bow tied on top.

When writing this, I also realized there were many questions that still needed answering. Problems that needed resolving. There were so much packed in these final moments with Troy and the growing unrest on the island that I had to split the last chapter into two parts: “Breaking Point” and “Last Stand.” Essentially in these two chapters, it pick up right from the previous chapter “Insurgence,” when the rebellion begins. However the stakes are at their highest as Troy must find out what really matters before its too late. Here’s a brief overview of the Two-Part Finale….

A powerful quake rocks the island to its core, tipping the scales in favor of the rebellion. However things have never been more dangerous than ever before especially for Troy as he finds himself at odds on both sides of the conflict. However something far bigger looms, threatening to kill everyone including the ones he loves the most. Before he says goodbye one last time to his first home, he must find his friends before he loses everything in ashes! 

I hope everyone enjoys the final concluding chapters of the 4th and final book to the story series. Where do I go from here? For now I will take an indefinite break from writing new works. This is not the end. I still have new story ideas sitting in my imagination. Think of it as the start of something new. Like Troy, I have other adventures and pursuits I’m eager to explore. To start a new chapter in life as a young adult. This blog isn’t going anywhere. Not anytime soon at least. I will continue…. after I take a vacation of course. 🙂


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