New cover going live!

Full Book cover

It was long overdue but it’s finally close to ready as its going to get. As a quick heads up to everyone I am currently uploading the new cover for Before the Legend. That means that the book will be briefly unavailable on Amazon. This update hopefully shouldn’t affect the other retailers which can be found on the “Buy Now” page. The book should be live by tomorrow for both the eBook and print version on Amazon as early as tomorrow morning. Updates will likely be posted on my official Facebook page.

Where do I go after a new cover?

I’m seriously considering joining KDP Select on Amazon. Although I never liked the idea of a retailer having exclusivity over my eBook, I must admit the program does offer some nice perks including higher royalty for the $.99 selling price and setting prices for a set promotion time frame. If I do decide that path that would mean for 90 days my eBook will be unavailable anywhere else for sale. Of course I will keep my viewers updated on my decision.

There’s also talk of the latest extension to KDP Select, called Kindle Unlimited. It’s still fairly new so determining whether it would be a profitable avenue to take is too early to say, but there’s appeal to both self publishers and Amazon users alike. A post by David Gaughran is one of the few I’ve found that addresses the new questions about Amazon’s newest marketing move. Even then some questions remain to be answered. Want to get the latest updates? Sign up here.

Also don’t miss the latest chapter, “Persuasion” for Chasing Blue. A snippet of the chapter can be found here.

Important Update: eBook is now live with the new cover as well as the print book! There was  a delay with the print version and the changes may be trickling over to partnering retailers with Amazon’s Createspace in the coming days. I appreciate everyone’s patience.


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