Spring Fever

flowers in bloom

Image by South Haven Memorial Library

Spring. Although it’s arrival has been slow to come in Wisconsin it is here. Often associated with renewal, it’s a fitting time to plan new things for my story series. In addition to wrapping up my final story, Chasing Blue, I’m also in the process of designing a new book cover for Before the Legend, so stay tuned for the next post where I reveal for the first time the concept covers. But that’s not all that’s new.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear my author interview with Michael was finally posted on his blog “The Cult of Me.” It couldn’t have come at the right time when fresh buzz of my free run has long dissipated. Although he is a busy man, I’m gracious for the opportunity to be featured on his blog for readers to learn more about me as a writer. In the interview I got a chance to candidly answer some of his questions such as what inspired me to write, who in the past would I love to spend a day with, and the challenges that comes with writing. To find out my responses you can click the hyperlinked text above to view the full interview.

In the meantime I recently uploaded a new chapter to Chasing Blue “Spring Fever.” Synopsis: Troy rejoins the crew but not before paying his final respects to a fallen friend. Things couldn’t seem more bleak for the crew as the dark clouds seem to loom over them in the weeks to come. Everyone is itching for the sun to come out the storm clouds as they near Crete but Troy is going to get more than he bargained for!


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