Fresh off the Press



Nothing beats a fresh cup of chai latte right off the press on a cold winter day. For others you may have other drinks in mind whether it be coffee, tea or your mouth may be watering for your favorite dish. During this cold dreary winter, I’m still writing in the convenience and warmth of my house. While I have some decisions I need to make with Before the Legend in terms of whether I should drop the subtitle, I’m busy writing Part 2 Chasing Blue, composing the last chapters of the series. I hope to finish the story by this summer and I only have several more chapters to go. Things are definitely heating up as Troy is faced with new challenges and life-altering decisions that will affect him and those he love. And in Part 2 things will continue to intensify as he’s going to be faced with one of the biggest decisions he’s ever made since running away from home.

I have some new chapters hot off the press. Last week I released “Let it Rain,” the kick start to Part 2: Dark Saga (Part 2 of Chasing Blue). In that chapter the characters face the grim consequences of their seemingly innocent excursion around Rome. Julia finds herself way in over her head when she finds herself alone with Clitus causing suspicions to fly. But in this chapter Troy doesn’t return with the rest of his cousins. The drama that unfolds in that chapter was quite entertaining and intense to write and hopefully it delivers. You can read it here.

Chapter 30 “Stay Alive is the newest chapter out. Things really intensify as readers find out what actually happened to Troy after his confrontation with Maximus in the alley and believe me it’s not pretty! I don’t want to give much away so you’re just going to have to read it to find out  in Chapter 30.

To get the sneak peak on the newest chapters and what I’m working on sign up here.


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