Spotlight on the Author

You need to get noticed.

That’s the sentiment that echoes in my ears. The goal of increased visibility for my book, Before the Legend is an on-going challenge as I enter the final week of my free promo week which ends this Saturday (you don’t want to miss it). Check out the “Buy Now” page under the tab “Before the Legend” to see the most up-to-date info on participating retailers.

I’m generally a reserved, private person, so the general thought of being in the public eye is something I shy away from. With a new book out though, I can sure use some added exposure. That being said author interviews are a great way for readers to get introduced to and get connected with new authors and readers. Learning about the author can be the first step in piquing a reader’s interest in your works and establishing a loyal fan base. I’m pleased to say with the right persistence I have been able to land a few author interviews including my latest interview with fellow author, Megan, who was kind of enough to ask me some questions about myself and my work, including things you won’t find on my About Page. You can read the full interview at Megan’s Blog .

In addition to my interview with Megan. I also was featured on Free Booksy, a site designed to promote free eBooks especially Kindle books. It’s a great site for readers to find free Kindle versions of the books they like, and great for authors who want to promote a free run their doing for their books to encourage more downloads. You can find my full feature spotlight at this link:

Important Note: My giveaway has come to an end. Congrats to the five winners, which can be found on my Facebook Page. However the Free Run of my eBook is still available for 3 more days. For those interested in the print book you can enter the following promo code to get the print book for 50% on Amazon! (Note: promo codes only work on my e-store:

promo code: WHCSAV2U

(available all this month)

Want to receive this and other promo coupons? Interested in learning about my upcoming projects? Sign up below to learn more by signing up here!


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