The Reviews are in…

The wait is almost over. Like so many writers out there, I’m eager to find out what others think about my work. It didn’t take too long after publishing my book, Before the Legend, that I realized just how important reviews can be. Reviews, especially positive ones, can sway an unsure reader to take a chance and read your story. However their is a but. A review that simply says “Good job.” “I like this. Keep writing,” may be positive but they don’t tell a reader why the reviewer likes the book. It may in fact appear that the author’s friends or relatives wrote biased  or cheap reviews, which is not the impression an author wants to make. Although by all means it’s great to have the support of family and friends, an honest constructive review carries more weight. At the other end of the coin, having no reviews can be just as bad as getting mixed or all negative reviews. And if you want to garner the spotlight on your book, some sites such as Bookbub factor in the number of reviews you have when deciding to advertise your work to their readers. After all they want to make sure that they are promoting quality books to their followers.

Considering that getting reviews has not come easily for me, I was thrilled to receive a glowing review from a reviewer on Goodreads who also posted it on their blog. Here’s a snippet of their review. The whole review can be found on: “The Bookworm Who Never Stops Reading” as well as on my Goodreads page.

…This story was wonderfully written. This is seriously my first favorite book this year of 2014. The grammar was perfect and the style really brought me to the times. Not to mention I like stories about the Roman times!
The story begins with Troy’s nightmare. He dreams that his parents are being swallowed by the earth. Because of this nightmare, he turns to his Mom for comfort during the night. But his Father says that he needs to learn that nightmares aren’t necessarily true and turns him away.
He wonders if either his Mother or Father love him. But during this conflict of matters, a great incident comes (withheld in this review so you can pick up this book to find out!) and the consequences prove worse than they had imagined.
This book calls for more to it! Yes, the book has a satisfying ending, but it leaves you begging for more!…

In addition to the new reviews I received, check out the spotlight for my story on the blog Pick Your Poison where you can also sign-up for a chance to win a free print copy of my book, Before the Legend, for a limited time only. Also check out my guest appearance with Deborah who hosted  me as part of Self-Published Sunday on her blog  “Novel Notions.” There you will find an exclusive excerpt to my story and learn some random facts about me.


Earlier I made a statement regarding getting no reviews. But I want to turn this question to my followers and new visitors alike: Is having no reviews really just as bad as having mixed or all negative review? I want to hear your thoughts! Leave a reply below.  I might post a poll later too if people prefer that.

Important Update: Check out the page: Before the Legend, for the latest price changes and availability. Before the Legend is now free on Amazon and Kobo Books along with other major retailers. Full list of retailers can be found on the “Buy Now” page under the navigation link, “Before the Legend” at the top nav bar.

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2 thoughts on “The Reviews are in…

  1. I think perhaps no reviews is slightly better than all negative reviews, but then again, the latter shows people have actually read it! I think in general, reviews are inherently important. After all, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. I’m currently trying to get more reviews on my debut novel (Empress Fallen) which was published at the end of November so I know how you feel! 🙂
    Congratulations on such a lovely review for ‘Before the Legend’, I’m intrigued!

    • I know what you mean because even though negative reviews can adversely influence readers, the reviews still bring attention to the book. We both can agree that word of mouth can be an effective yet simple marketing tool, and reviews are a way of spreading the word on our stories. Congratulations on publishing your story by the way. It’s a coincidence that you published your story around the same time I published. Hopefully you’ve had better success in reaching your target audience than I have lol. But going back to your comment, getting reviews can be difficult at times and unfortunately with my busy schedule I can’t guarantee anyone a review at this time although I’m curious about your story. Goodreads proved to be a great starting point in finding reviewers for my story. Also finding review blogs that reviewed my particular genre or tailored to my target audience is also another avenue I’m taking as well.

      -Thanks again for your comment and stopping by the

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