Updates on “Before the Legend”

Now on sale!

Now on sale!

For readers that weren’t aware I officially published my debut novelette, “Before the Legend.” It’s been a long project of mines stemming all the way back to 2010 and its surreal knowing it’s been finally released for sale. It’s been two weeks since I published the book but these past weeks I’ve been busy  1) perfecting the book, especially the e-book (I decided it will never be perfect lol) and 2) marketing! I will briefly summarize what are the marketing strategies I’ve been utilizing and plan to use. I will also briefly list sale information, which can also be found in the navigation bar, under the link “Before the Legend.”


You have to stand out.

That is the one piece of advice that’s been drilling in my head this week as I crank up the marketing. This  week is especially important considering Black Friday is a strategic time to make a sale. In addition to the book trailer I created which is now up on Youtube, I’ve been reaching out to other bloggers for book reviews. Book reviews are essential especially from an unknown author who don’t have the full assistance of a publishing company to give the book needed exposure. A book review, particularly a good solid one, might I stress, can help sway unsure readers to take a chance with your book. In a sea of thousands upon millions of books coming out, I’m already at a great disadvantage.

As it stands though, I have 2 bloggers interested. I won’t be doing a full tour this week (I will provide the date soon. Promotions coming…) but I will be doing a partial tour this week as my work is currently being featured on AwesomeGang, an awesome site that’s geared towards helping indie publishers to get their works out there. My book is featured on their homepage and will be featured up till tomorrow so check out the preview as well as the author interview. My book is also now added to Goodreads so check it out. Goodreads is a great site where reader can discover new works and find what their friends are recommending. It’s also a great site for authors who want to advertise their works because authors can upload their book if it hasn’t already been added to their database. Goodreads also has a system where publishers and authors alike can advertise their works by creating ads that can be targeted to specific groups or to everyone. Personally I’ve found Facebook more effective in getting more engagement for my ads but I’ve used Facebook to gain exposure to my book on Goodreads so we’ll see how that goes.

Updates on Retailers

  • Amazon: Print book listed on the site for only $5.39. If you purchase the print book you can get the Kindle version free! If you get the Kindle by itself it’s only $.99
  • Barnes & Noble: Paperback listed as $5.99
  • Smashwords: e-book available currently for $.99

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