It’s hitting the big screen; well almost.

This evening I released the official book trailer to my debut novelette, Before the Legend. The trailer is now up on YouTube. For my loyal fans, it’s being featured on my Facebook page on the side, and premiering here on Writer’s Nook. Inspired by the first book trailer I made for my story Chasing Blue, I decided a book trailer would be an essential part of my marketing plan for my latest story. It will be going on sale later this week in both print and e-book format. The price for the print book stands currently at $5.99 and $2.99 for the e-book. However there may be promotions coming (hint, hint).

The book is expected to be hitting online retailers in the next 5-7 days but it depends on the specific retailer when they make the title available so it’s too early to say quite yet. The earliest date it will be hitting stores is tentatively November 19th this Tuesday. Expect to see it on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Noble and much more in the weeks to come. I will be busy updating the site, which will include more details about the book and how you can purchase it. Expect the latest updates on my Facebook page J.U.Scribe. Now the next thing besides last minute formatting woes for the e-book I have to worry about is obtaining book reviews. I’m kick-starting the tour starting tomorrow. While I’m away enjoy the sneak preview below.


Before the Legend hitting the big screen!

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