Did Someone Say It Would Be Easy?

A growing number of writers are choosing to self-publish vs. the traditional publishing route. Is it necessarily easier? What should we expect from self-publishing? Catherine, self-publisher and blogger, keeps it real in: Did Someone Say it Would Be Easy?



In all the time I’ve been researching self-publishing, self-publishing myself and reading about the experiences of other writers who’ve self-published (I started my self-publishing shenanigans in November 2009), I’ve never once come across a post by a self-published author that said “My book started selling 1,000s of copies every day almost from the first one. One Friday I couldn’t quite make my rent, and the next I was counting out a wad of cash in front of my landlord, saying “Heck, I’ll just buy the place!”‘ Or, ‘What really amazed me was how, mere hours after I published my e-book, it shot up to the very top of the Amazon charts and never left! All I had to do was press the “Publish” button!’ Or ‘I still can’t believe how easy it was to become a bestselling self-published author!’


What I have seen plenty of lately, however, are what I…

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