Make your pitch.

Pitch your storyline


You often get one chance to get it right. You’re aiming that ball to your next catcher and you want to make sure that he sees where you are throwing the ball at so he’ll catch it. Likewise when you get close to completing your story and you’re deciding to publish traditionally or self-publish, you want your story to reach it’s destination. What’s the destination? Ultimately you want it in the hand (or device if it’s an eBook) of the readers. For those publishing traditionally you have to first get to the middleman before that happens; the publisher.

I liken the pitch of the story to the blurb which is a little shorter than a typical summary and is often found in the back of a book cover. In those few words you have to inform the reader what the story is about but in an interest arousing way. But in those words you’re also selling your story. A good blurb is the difference between having the reader pick up your story vs. tossing it back on the shelf. You don’t want to make the story seem too ambiguous nor would you want to give away the whole plot. You should provide enough information to the reader yet pique their interest such as by raising a question in the reader’s mind.

Getting this idea from a forum on Wattpad, I attempted the ten-word blurb pitch challenge with the word count including the title. It wasn’t easy but here’s my attempt:

Before the Legend- Watch his world crumble in 3 days. 

Did I succeed? Let me know what you think. Feel free to try this challenge out yourself. I would like to see what you come up with. For those wondering about my other story Chasing Blue, here is the sneak preview to the newest chapter below…

Snippet from Part 2: (currently in the works)….

When it rained it poured.

Nothing was left untouched. Their legs ran as far as it could take them, sloshing against the puddles. Weighted by the rain, their clothes clung to their skin slowing them to a halt. Exhaustion and desperation was setting in. But they were almost home. They could feel it.

“I hope Julian finds Troy?” Julia said biting her lips. Water drizzled down her soggy hair that fell over her face as she spoke. A rumble of thunder sent both of them scampering into the alley. Tiberius raced past Julia as he darted underneath the building’s awning. He paused to catch his breath…


His heart skipped a beat. A deafening thud followed.

He swung around to find Julia crumpled against the sidewalk, her hair splayed all over her face.

“Julia!” he shouted through the rain…


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