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You have an amazing book you are writing up (or at least you think its amazing). You are ready to self-publish, if that is the route you’ve chosen, but without proper promotion or marketing, your book is lost in a sea of books numbering in the thousands. According to one figure on average 17 books are being published every hour, and by the end of the day that total jumps to 408 alone. The task of making your book stand out becomes increasingly challenging.

Unlike submitting your book through a publishing company, those that self-publish are virtually on their own when it comes to marketing their book.  Granted some self-publishing sites like Lulu and Booktango offer packages that have their representatives taking up the task of marketing your book. Even then it’s important to weigh the cost of the marketing packages and the different marketing ploys that would be employed. The real test is to evaluate whether those marketing strategies are worth the money. It can be measured mainly by tangible results, primarily book sales which = $. Getting statistics or actual testimonials/reviews by previous users are an added bonus when choosing a package. Even those that choose major publishing companies that usually promise to market your stories, you may still want to take advantage of spreading the word about your book to gain garner further publicity.

There is technically no secret formula to successfully market your book and becoming a best-seller (unless someone knows something that I don’t). However even if you’re like me and don’t care to be a best-seller there are still ways to maximize reaching your target audience. One of the ways I plan to go about is a grassroots approach. Don’t forgot this often overlooked method: word of mouth. This means talking your book up amongst friends and family and even other connections (colleagues, classmates, etc). Other ways to get exposure is by creating a blog (like I did lol) or a website to your story. But drawing traffic to your site is a whole other topic to discuss. Building a following can be slow but that’s where social media can come into play such as Facebook where you can take advantage of its advertising capabilities and connect with followers. I hope to create a Facebook page for my story which is still in the works. Right now I will be using my WordPress blog as my site instead of building a new one as originally planned. Stay tuned for more insight on “standing out” focusing on just the story itself. Also stay tuned for my story updates.

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