Beating the Odds

Yup it’s that time again. Updates!
This Friday I celebrate a brand new chapter to Chasing Blue called: “Beating the Odds.” This is almost like part 2 of the previous chapter “Rock the Track” but this time readers will actually know what happens when Troy competes. The plot moves along nicely as old characters return including one unsavory one. I need the plot to continue moving forward to the “showdown” so I hope it achieves that. This and my other stories can be found in full in Wattpad and Fictionpress.

I am thinking of creating an additional website for my story series in addition to the blog so stay tuned for more details. Also I’m still deciding what route to go for self-publishing. I will be doing some research of the pros and cons of different self-publishing sites so I might post whatever I find in the coming weeks. In the meantime here’s an excerpt from the latest chapter…



The count began. I looked around to my right one last time. Julian, Vulcan, and Cato were there each in their own stall waiting for the gates to burst open. Their eyes were glazed over. Not even Cato flinched. I licked my chapped lips as I saw the cloth flutter in midair, dancing to the breeze’s softest tugs.


I looked to my left. It was the same face of the Red Team I bumped into earlier. He seemed to sense my stare because he stared back. His greenish eyes seemed cold, sitting deep within his sockets before they scanned over in my direction. I looked away. Nobody was going to take my focus away. I had to win. I was his only hope.

Three. The seconds seemed to drag on as the Announcer’s voice slurred into a jumble of words.

Two. I felt around for the carved knife around my waist. It was in case I had to free myself in case of a collision. So far I never had to use it and I feared the day that I would…

Click. My heart stopped.

The gates sprung open. Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Beating the Odds

  1. Have you ever thought of adding your stories (preferably short but you can add novel-type stories too) to If you have never seen the site, please check it out!

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