Building Anticipation

It’s official. I have my hopes slated on publishing my first story Before the Legend. It’s what started the story series and is logically the one I want to have published ideally by Spring of this year. I’ve already begun editing the story and polishing it so it can be ready. Whether I choose Booktango or go through Amazon, I have yet still to decide. In the meantime, I hope to raise anticipation for it. For those not familiar with it I suggest you check out the page on Before the Legend which gives a full summary of the story and provide links to the full story. I might post more about this in the weeks to come.

Simultaneously, I have been working hard on my latest chapter of Chasing the Blue entitled: “Rock the Track.” I had an enjoyable time writing this chapter which I guess is a good sign. The whole chapter builds up to the grand chariot race. Nothing builds anticipation more than raising the stakes! And the stakes have never been so high now that Clitus’ free status is suddenly threatened. The race is no longer about Troy but about saving a friend from his cursed fate. Not to mention that the Blues are expected to win according to Hyros’ dice. When the stakes are raised plus adding elements of uncertainty that leave the reader guessing…that’s what builds the suspense that glues the reader to the story. This is what makes an action scene all the more suspenseful. Here’s an excerpt from the latest chapter right before the race begins…

“Welcome to the segment many of you have been waiting for. Each of the four factions will have one representative compete with three horses. For the Reds: Maxis Cervanus.” Part of the lower level of hippodrome stood up. It seemed all at once thousands of fans erupted into cheering. I gulped the last of my spit. They had so many supporters. “For the greens: Lucius Proxtus.” Several more applause broke out on the opposing side of the hippodrome. “For the Whites: Lucas Augustus dozens more stood to cheer loudly. For the Blue, we have Troy…” my heart raced inside as some in the audience begin to stand and applaud… One of the attendants quickly tapped the announcer and whispered something in his ear.

“There has been a change,” he muttered, his face flushing red. “Clitus will be racing for the blues. The cheers of the crowd quickly simmered into a buzz of murmurs.

“This looks bad on us!” Claudius muttered irritably as he saw the puzzled gaze of the announcer and then glanced over at my flushed expression. More than ever I wanted to be invisible. As the racers took their station by the metal gates, I clasped on tightly to the charm necklace that Julius gave me. Clitus needed it more than I did. I could win the money but it would be a temptation to keep it all. But Clitus deserved it. After all there was another race right after this one. Then I saw it. The soft cloth seemed to fall from the sky as it slowly twirled and fluttered like a feather as the cool breeze halted its descent downward from the emperor’s seat above the gates. As the cloth eased its way to the ground, footsteps raced to the stable…

“Go!” came the loud cry. The gates sprung open and the horses made a mad dash out the spring gates. We all cheered for Clitus as he took off alongside the other three racers. Just then…


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