“Something Catchy”

One of the things that can catch your attention besides a good cover is a catchy title to a story or article. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to lure the reader to read on. After struggling with a title name for my latest chapter,  I finally decided to settle for “Glory Pangs.” In this latest chapter of Chasing Blue which has just been uploaded on Wattpad, Troy and Clitus begin training to compete in the grand chariot races of Rome. However the next week or so of training will prove harder than neither of them were prepared for.

I wanted the chapter title to reflect what the chapter was about but at the same time have a ring to it or intrigue the reader. In the past I would come up with a title and from there base the story off the title. In recent times I’ve found myself writing the story out even if I haven’t come up with an actual title name yet. Which leaves me to ask: what is the preferrable way people come up with title names? Before or after you begin writing your draft?

If you’re reading this, I guess my lure worked.


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