Reaching the goal

What can you expect the next couple of weeks? Updates! And more updates!

One of the things I like is setting goals for myself which helps me to stay motivated. I’m by no means officially a “writer” or author. After all I still do it mostly as a hobby, yet I’m sure many writers out there agree that setting goals helps you to stay on track and keeps you motivated. Without goals we have nothing to aim for and therefore lack direction. Imagine sports like football or soccer where there are no goals! After a couple of minutes running around with the ball, the game would get pretty pointless and tiresome. That’s why we have goals. And this applies to other aspects of our life as well.

Meanwhile, one of my short term goals was reaching the final turning point in my story before the end of the year. This is the part where things take a drastic turn for Troy.  I don’t know if I’ll make it but if the creative juices are flowing anything is possible. This will definately help me to keep writing. If anyone out there is still following the story: Chasing Blue- The Final Saga is still in the works. Right now the latest chapter is Chapter 18: “Off to the Races.” After staying in the residence of Claudius, Troy is offered a once in a life time opportunity to compete in the grand ludi festival of Rome. For Troy this could mean a chance to pay off his debt and buy the freedom of Clitus a former runaway slave. However does Troy have what it takes to compete when the races are less than 2 weeks away? Check out chapter 18 to continue the saga.

Another goal I have is publishing the prologue Before the Legend. This is the story that started it all and was the motivating factor to start this blog. I have been busy writing the Trilogy so I have put it on the side as of late but I haven’t forgotten about it. I hope to edit some minor things and get it published by 2013 so stay tuned. While you don’t have to read the Prologue to understand the story (Domain of Power that comes right before the Trilogy would be best to read if you’ve never read any of the series because the trilogy picks up right off this story and explains why is Troy going to Rome in the first place) it definately gives a nice background of the main characters when they were young. Check out the Prologue!


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