Midpoint crisis

We’re going deeper into the middle and there’s no turning back. The middle point as I mentioned in a previous post can be almost as challenging in my opinion as writing the beginning because this is the point that the plot can easily lose steam. This is critical because this is when readers can  simply lose interest and stop reading all together. Things need to happen. New conflict. New challenges. The stakes must be raised.

Things are coming along nicely with the latest chapter of Chasing Blue. Chapter 16: “The Hunger Streets.” This chapter picks up with Troy and Clitus looking for a place to stay after their ride Marcus leaves them to fend for themselves. Along the way they meet some unsavory characters in their quest to find food and shelter. Besides their own hunger to contend with, the streets are hungry too and they are looking for prey! It is at this point that Troy’s perspective on the trip begins to change. Yet the ultimate turning point is yet to arrive so with this chapter and the next few ones I hope to build up to the ultimate point where everything flips upside down! Meanwhile as my characters are now in Rome, there is less room for historical inaccuracies so that’s where the research comes in. So it will still be time before each chapter is released so stay tuned. In the meantime check out my latest chapter by clicking the hyperlink to chapter 16 to take you to my uploaded story on Wattpad. As always feedback is welcome.


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