Watch Your Pace.

Life has kept me busy but I was able to release Chapter 14 to my story, “Chasing Blue.” Expect updates about every other 3 weeks for that story. This depends also on inspiration (or lack of; hence writer’s block.) Originally I intended this to be shorter than “Domain of Power,” but it looks like it will be at least the same length if not longer. That’s where pacing comes in, which I might talk more about in the weeks to come. But basically when writing you want your story to flow smoothly. This can be tricky because you don’t want to rush through your story but at the same time, you don’t want to endlessly drag your story out where people lose interest. Sometimes though the pace can fluctuate. For instance in parts that are less exciting or mundance tasks your character does, you can speed it up or briefly summarize the action. In pivotal scenes in your story, or when introducing the characters I usually like to elaborate or flesh those parts out. For instance in the latest chapter of this story, “Meeting at the Crossroads,” I wanted to pick the pace up, but at the same time not completely rush the last leg of the journey. Will they finally make it to Rome? Find out now here!


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