New updates on self-publishing!

I am back again to share my latest update on my story series. I realized I am not quite ready to publish my first story Before the Legend, besides the fact that I need a cover made that doesn’t have copyrighted images used. If there is one thing I learned from reading another person’s woes of self publishing on a forum, you really have to know the market and understand the business behind self-publishing. Here are some key things I gleaned from that discussion on one forum.

  • First impressions are everything! A book cover can either make or break your story. People are bombarded with thousands of books to choose from which it can be overwhelming. It needs to be eye-catching and make the reader want to click on your story.
  • Don’t underestimate the pricing of your book. For new authors it is easy to fall into this one trap: overpricing your book. You want to make money off of it and considering you spent a lot of time and maybe money on the book you may not want to sell yourself cheap. At the same time though, readers aren’t going to be enthused in buying a $14.99 book for an author that they never heard of before and have no idea what the story is about. Granted pricing is dependent on other factors (the type of book, # of pages, etc). You also have to factor in your target audience because they influence the publishing market. Is your work geared towards young children or young adults? Is it a fiction novel or a self-help book? Those are some of the things you’ll have to take into consideration. It is though becoming increasingly  popular to download books in electronic formats. New authors trying to get their works out there may want to utilize different avenues to reach their target audience and what the growing majority of people are leaning towards.  Going back to the earlier example, many adolescents may be more inclined to choose something on the cheaper spectrum. Of course this doesn’t speak for everyone. But speaking for myself, I would expect an e-book to be affordable. Once you get established you can price your next book a little higher.
  • Blurbs- these are little snippets of what your story is about. These are the money makers. In 300 words or less you need to sell your story. This is your chance to inform potential readers what your story is about. This is good because it gives readers an idea of what to expect when they pick up your book or click on it to purchase on Amazon. Make sure your spelling/and grammar are on point. (I’m not the best example) otherwise readers may click away and find something else to read.

For those wondering I am chugging away at my latest story, “Chasing Blue.” Things only get more interesting from here on out. Check out the latest chapter here.


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