A storm is brewing…

What brings to mind when you think of storms? Often you are struck in awe and fear of the streaks of lightning that fill the air. Or maybe what shakes you is the rumble of thunder. Adding weather can really make the scene come alive if done properly. Especially if mention of the weather is essential to the mood or has an important role in the story. In my latest chapter I tried to describe the “perfect storm” out at sea with my latest chapter to Chasing Blue: “Turbulence.” You can find it on Fictionpress as well as Wattpad. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 12…

Rip. Sheets of rain bled through the gaping tear in the canvas. As Hyros ran to our aid, he clutched on to a mast pole, barely able to stand as the wind pushed him backwards. We watched helplessly as the sides of the canvas lifted open and blew over the deck, smacking Titan and Hyros in the face. With all my strength I steadied myself on the soles of my feet. I watched a terrified Theseus as his faced peeked out the trap door he was clutching. I tried to run but the wind was pushing me in the opposite direction. I watched Hyros get down on his knees and crawl like a four-legged beast, dragging his body against the wooden deck. Titan and I followed his lead as we edged closer to the door leading to inside the hull. Sheets of rain pelted my face like tiny daggers stabbing my exposed flesh over and over again. Another huge wave lifted the ship to its side before another wave crashed overboard…


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