Latest Update to Chasing Blue

For those that know me on Fictionpress and Wattpad you may already know of my latest project which is Chasing Blue-The Final Saga. This is the last book in the series and I hope it delivers to everyone’s expectations. For those hearing it for the first time here is the synopsis below…


In a world where there are little choices, Troy has done the unthinkable act to defy the only world he’s known… but with devastating consequences. Now he finds himself in the middle of the sea exploring the unknown world he was forbidden to see. All Troy wants now is a second chance to redemption; to start over from his old past as the third son of the king of Aegean. He embarks in an eventful journey to Rome in search of a new beginning. However when he finally arrives, things aren’t as glorious as they once appear especially when the past comes knocking. Little does he realize someone else is looking for retribution and they are coming for him!


Currently the latest chapter to my my trilogy Chasing Blue is Chapter 10 which is entitled “The Island,” is already up on both Fictionpress and Wattpad. Troy and his crew finally arrive on land but they could not prepare for what or who awaits them! The next couple of chapters should be more action-packed so stay tuned. To read my trilogy from beginning click here.


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